The Purpose of the Fund is to receive funds from the the Hill of Fiddes wind turbines and disburse these funds to local groups or projects.


The Hill of Fiddes Community Fund is a sub-committee of Foveran Community Council and incorporates various local groups from within the area.


Annual income for this fund originates from Infinis group and results from the electricity generating capacity of Hill of Fiddes Wind Turbines. The money is to be administered by Hill of Fiddes Community Fund, a subcommittee of Foveran Community Council and held in a bank account separate from that organisation’s other funds.


An open meeting will be held annually, at Foveran CC’s AGM, or more frequently if the need arises, chaired by the Community Council Chairman. The Hill of Fiddes Community Fund will carry out the detailed administration of the money.


As a general guide, it is envisaged that most of the funding will be spent on projects of benefit to the area defined in section 1.2 of the Constitution or groups based in that area. It is unlikely that such grants would be for general running costs of groups or organisations, nor would it replace their own fundraising efforts, including match funding from other grant sources. Capital expenditure, or finance for specific projects, would receive more favourable consideration.


Bids for above £500 would be expected to procure match funding and to demonstrate that all appropriate sources for match funding had been exhausted

Bids for funding must be made in proper format using the Application Form. There will be an expectation for all projects funded to report back formally and regularly on the progress and success of the project.


The funds are avaliable to goups and projects nominally within the red line below. This is bounded by the A90 to the east, B9000 to the north, B999 to the west and the Foveran Community Council boundary to the south.

Map showing the area which the fund will support.


Application form


Guidance notes